Welcome to our Dollar$$$ Direct page. This page will explain what the Dollar$$$ Direct program is and how it can be beneficial for check cashers, pawnbrokers and other financial service providers.

What is Dollar$$$ Direct?
River City Bank is proud to offer our nation-wide direct deposit program: Dollar$$$ Direct. Dollar$$$ Direct is a check-based direct deposit program that caters to financial service providers across the nation. Any payment or benefit (including government benefits, payroll, retirement, unemployment, etc.) are received and downloaded to your location for printing, distribution and/or cashing.

Why offer Dollar$$$ Direct to your customers?
Most US government agencies (including the Social Security Administration) have made it widely known that they prefer paperless transactions when sending benefits to recipients. This means that they want to send benefits via direct deposit to a bank account (they are already requiring all new beneficiaries to have direct deposit). This presents a problem to many individuals receiving benefits who cannot or will not establish an account at a bank. Only banks can offer direct deposit...UNTIL NOW!

Now YOU can offer direct deposit to your customers! The Dollar$$$ Direct program makes it possible for these "unbanked" individuals to continue receiving and cashing their checks while complying with the government's wishes to go paperless. How does this work? You become an EFD (Electronic Funds Distributor). Customers will come to you, complete an application for direct deposit and establish a special-use checking account designed specifically to receive electronic transfers from ANY depositing organization that offers direct deposit (SSA, SSI, VA, Payroll, State benefits, unemployment, etc.). When the deposit arrives at River City Bank, we download this check in the form of an electronic check file to your EFD directory. With our software, you can download this check file, print the checks on our check stock and distribute or cash them...ALL RIGHT IN YOUR LOCATION!

You can establish a check printing fee from $0 - $9.99 for each check that you print. Also, providing direct deposit will keep your customers coming back to you each and every month!

We've already mentioned that direct deposit is the goal of many depositing organizations and that getting direct deposit would put any payment/benefit recipient ahead of the game. But your customers may want more! Well, convenience is another reason to get direct deposit. A customer can pick up their check at the same place where they cash it. Safety is a prime reason to get direct deposit as well. No more checks lost in the mail or stolen from the mailbox. Also, because of the special nature of the checking account, direct deposit can be less expensive than establishing a checking account at a local bank. And as you may well know, many customers simply do not want to deal with or trust a bank. Last, but not least, are the perks that come with utilizing Dollar$$$ Direct.

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